An Introduction to Rusty No. 7

Rusty No. 7Rusty No. 7 is one of the leading blues bands in the whole of Norway and they are based in the vibrant city of Stavanger. The band was established back in 2005 by Arni Sørlie and Kai Walde when they were performing as a straight blues band. However, like any good band, Rusty No. 7 has evolved a lot over the years and now offers music lovers something truly different. Read on to find out more about this impressive band.

There are currently four members in the line-up of Rusty No. 7 and in addition to the founding members Arni Sørlie and Kai Walde, Asbjørn Hamre and Einar Nysted are now proud members of the group. Despite mainly playing blues, one of the things that sets the band apart from other bands in this genre is the fact that all of the members also have a passion for heavy metal. This influence has worked its way into the melodies over the years and fans of Rusty No. 7 can now hear heavier grooves that are interlaced with the original blues and jazz influences.

As longtime fans may already know, Rusty No. 7 take their name from a type of traditional steam train. This train is featured widely on the artwork for the band including their album covers and the musicians say that for them this invokes the traditional sound of their music while giving it a unique flair that people from all around the world can instantly recognize and relate to.

The founding members originally established the band so that they would be able to jam together in their homes. They never really expected to become the stars that they are today and their passion for music has helped them win numerous fans over the years who also share a passion for their unique blend of blues music.

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