Eating Out in Oslo

Eating Out in OsloYou can find nearly every type of cuisine from around the world in Oslo. The influx of foreigners over recent years has helped to boost the number of ethnic restaurants, so that you can now enjoy a bit of every possible scene, from Mexican to Moroccan food. Naturally, there are plenty of traditional Norwegian restaurants as well and the best place to experience the local cuisine is at the waterfront area of Aker Brygge.

Traditional Norwegian cuisine has been given a face lift recently in the form of New Scandinavian style, which combines seafood and game from the country with the spices and sauces from other European regions. The old classics can still be found in abundance, such as lutefisk (cod prepared in a translucent sauce), pinnekjott (smoked, dried lamb ribs served with potatoes and mashed swede) and slices of dried meat like cured leg of lamb. Oslo is also one of the few places you can try cloud berries, a staple in many Norwegian desserts.

Another classic Oslo dining experience is to head down to the harbourside at Aker Brygge and indulge in a bag of freshly steamed shrimp, pulled out of the sea the night before. Floating restaurants serve up bowls of shrimp with baguettes and mayonnaise. Whatever style of cuisine you choose, you’ll find that seafood makes a strong showing on every menu, followed closely by lamb, which is one of the most popular meats in Norway.

Without question, the best area in Oslo for dining out is the wharf area of Aker Brygge. This recently restored and redesigned shipbuilding yard is home to the largest concentration of restaurants, cafes and bars in the city. Norwegian food is served alongside a plethora of ethnic restaurants and half the fun is strolling around the massive outdoor plaza deciding on a place to stop and eat. The outdoor tables overlooking the harbor are worth a visit alone. The Albertine Café and Bar has one of the best views in the complex and is famous for their fresh oysters.

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