Oslo’s Top Attractions

Oslo's Top AttractionsDespite its small population, Oslo is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, with an incredible nightlife scene and a deep connection with Nordic culture. However, what makes this capital city truly unique is its integration with nature. Oslo is infused with green spaces, waterfront areas and a wider realm of wilderness which lies just beyond the city’s edge. In fact, within 20 minutes from the city center, you will find yourself in the heart of the Norwegian countryside. This creates a special atmosphere in the city, where many of the locals are year-round outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors will undoubtedly enjoy the art, architecture and culture of this amazing place.

Aker Brygge

The site of an abandoned shipbuilding yard has been redeveloped into a wonderful area of residential townhouses and commercial shops. Modern glass and steel buildings dominate the view, filled with over 40 restaurants and 60 shops, which range from pubs and cinemas to boutique fashion shops. The many outdoor dining options and open pedestrian boulevards make this a highlight of Oslo.

Akershus Castle

Originally built in 1300 by King Haakon V as a fortress and a royal residence, this castle is one of the oldest historical monuments in Oslo. When a fire destroyed the northern wing in 1527, the castle was rebuilt as a royal Renaissance palace by the Danish-Norwegian king Christian IV.

Edvard Munch Museum

Scandinavia’s greatest painter gave a vast collection of his works to the city, which has housed them in this museum. This collection contains a staggering 1,100 paintings, some 4,500 drawings and around 18,000 prints as well as other creations by the artist. It was here that Munch’s masterpiece, The Scream, was stolen off the wall in broad daylight in 2004.

Henie Onstad Art Center

This museum displays the private art collection of skating champion Sonja Henie and her husband. Their impressive collection of some 1,800 20th century works includes pieces by such masters as Munch, Picasso and Matisse among many others. Besides the art, the center hosts plays, concerts, films and special exhibits.

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