When to Visit Norway

When to Visit NorwayPeople who are planning to take a trip to Norway to watch Rusty No. 7 play should plan their vacation carefully so that they are able to get the most out of the experience and catch the best of the Norwegian weather.

Despite its location in the northern latitudes, Norway is blessed with a relatively temperate climate due to the current of warm air which moves across the Atlantic from the Gulf Stream. Even in summer, the temperatures remain cool and a brisk wind and sudden rain showers can happen at any time. Rainfall is spread throughout the year, with August being the rainiest month. Winter brings plenty of snow, but the weather never gets too bitter.

Summer is simply wonderful in Norway. The weather is mild and pleasant, with temperatures mainly in the low 20s and only rarely heating up to 30°C. The best part of the weather here, however, is the incredibly long sunny days, when you can wander around late into the evening under a magical pale twilight. Even during the peak of summer, nights can be a bit chilly, so always bring a sweater when you head out after dark.

At the other end of the spectrum is Norway’s winter. The temperatures hover around freezing and snow is plentiful, making the city an incredible winter sports venue. This winter wonderland can be a bit dreary however, due to the extremely short days. It seems perpetually dark from November to February, which can dampen many people’s spirits.

To make up for it, Norway has the surreal and spectacular Northern Lights. There are very few tourists during the winter, and many attractions are closed during the cold season. But the locals don’t sit around and brood over the long dark winters; they get out and enjoy every minute of sunshine and keep the pubs warm and festive the rest of the time.

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